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With the objective to improve the Indonesian Educational System, in February 2005 Yayasan Bangun Daya Mandiri established the Early Step Preschool & Kindergarten.  It started with less than 10 students and has now grown impressively to 112 students so far.


In order to continue those Early Step early childhood educational program, Yayasan Bangun Daya Mandiri has opened an Elementary School: SD Bangun Mandiri in the school year of 2008/2009.



Getting the children ready to become independent and active leaders in their communities locally and internationally.



To provide a high quality of education to children to help them to focus on the process of learning, not only the output where students should follow, memorize and pass tests but students who are able to think, comprehend and able to manage & lead in challenging times.


We expect Our Students to be

1. Confidence

2. Independence

3. Knowledgeble

4. Spiritual Intelligence

5. Emotional Intelligence

6. Effective Communicators

7. Problem Solver

8. Respect

9. Open- Minded